HITA does Berlin Group Show, at the Vernissage

HITA Does Berlin

Group Show in Berlin

November 2023 in Berlin, Germany

The work in HOLE IN THE AIR DOES BERLIN embodied exploratory, psychological and speculative themes and featured more than 40 small works on paper.

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Exhibition at
Culterim Gallery

Brunnenstr. 107
13355 Berlin, Germany

Curated by Saundra Fleming

Hosted by Andrea Harborth’s
Metaphysical Cleaningwomen
on 6000 sq ft

HITA Does Berlin
Exhibiting Artists were:
Matthew Behrend, Lynette Charters, Susan Christensen, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Kathleen Claps, Luke Dohner, Saundra Fleming, Andrea Harborth, Kate Harkins, Courtney Hudak, Matthew Kopp, Jonathan Menashi, Alexis Ortiz, Cliffton Peacock, Ingrid Sojit