Hole in The Air challenges are designed to discover different ways beyond our well-known and comfortable routine. Every member of the group has the right to suggest a challenge.


1. Chocolate Challenge: create something using chocolate.


2. Illustration Challenge: create an illustration for  Clifftons poem.


3. Ambidexterity Challenge: Draw a self portrait while brushing your teeth.


4. Sign-Seeing Challenge: make a short  video of a walk in your neighborhood, looking for a sign (omen).

5. Bob Dylan-Lyrics Challenge: Create something inspired by Dylan’s Lyrics (only the Song-Titles can be posted instead of the lines of the text, cause of copy-right-issues).

6. Exquisite Corpse Challenge: Create an Exquisite Corpse.

7. Things that keep you from… Challenge: Show us things that keep you from painting/making art.

8. Mimicry Challenge: Create something including a mimicry.

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9. Put together two things Challenge: ‘You put together two things that have not been together. And the world is changed’ (Julian Barnes, Levels of Life )

10. What is Art for? Challenge: Create a Video talking about “What is Art for?”