Andrea Harborth

Artist Statement

I’m watching the stream of live by painting things.
Things support us, drive us crazy or ecstatic and finally they kill us.

In the meantime I’m going by bicycle.



After completing my series of cleaningwomen-paintings I decided to build a cleaningwomen-fountain model.

A small aquarium pump, wire, paper mache, stuff from the hardwarestore and a plastic bowl were used.

The cleaningwomen-fountain model asked to be placed into a larger scenery, though, like into a town square. The name of this square followed logically. It had to be a model’s model because the cleaningwomen-fountain model for technical reasons is already quite big. Such a town square has to be decorated by a church. And when I begin to think about the church – oh well.

It’s called the Balancing-Justice-Square.


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