Alexis Ortiz

Artist Statement

At once obsessed with sheer process [as my hands want to pull, twist, mold and blend]
I find most issues breached tend toward the dramatic and oftentimes comically sentimental notions of graceful tension.
I have trained myself to wield the mighty threaded needle, capturing curve and honoring space in the round as well as flat,
marked as it is, by plume and ink. Evolution has me attracted to wood, wire and paper… most of which can be copped freely
and free me from the weight and wait that clay vests, though I never wish to fully escape it.
Most if not all visuals, be them dreamed or on the fly, are manifested imaginings who’s sole purpose is but to register as worthy
and necessary contributions to our culture as a whole. It is in doing what I do that I am able to feel an integral part of this world… myself.



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