Matthew Behrend

Artist Statement

The world is what we perceive of it and all seeing starts with the perceiver. How do perceptions shift according to our attention in the space of senses, in the space of thought? My work is a meditation on different ways of seeing. It leads to questioning the limitations of physical senses. I use electric fields to create images beyond time and space, beyond perception and into knowing and experiencing. Forms without edge, gradients, and nebulous textures in my patinas reference the timeless and the oneness of place we share.

My patinas are a unique medium I invented with some inspiration from darkroom photography and microelectronics. The process is one of co-creating with nature. Images are imprinted on metal with electric fields in a water bath. I sculpt the boundary conditions of electric fields, so I experience creation of the work in 3D, and as a conversation with natural forces in developing the patina.



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