Liz Kennedy

Artist Statement

“Risk and surrender” are some of my watchwords. I am ready to learn, to fail and to try other flavors besides “pretty”— like illogical, corny, imperfect. The shapes and feelings of people, their bodies, their faces always draw me in, as well as the natural world. I am inspired by the attitudes, bravery and work of artists like Maggie Hambling, Frank Auerbach, David Park, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Fairfield Porter and Alice Neel. I absorb the world and  I respect what I take in and seek to honor what I take in with bravery and attention.

My home is in South Seattle, Washington State,  where I keep an eye on the crows and salmon.
My studio photo above: I am so fortunate to paint with the Miller School of Art (featuring Bad Art Teacher Mark Takamichi Miller) where we are a loose collective of artists who meet monthly for a casual crit session and snacks.



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